If your system is not going to be easy to use..........don't waste the money.

Control Systems are an internal part of making your life easy. Each project is fully customized to insure easy control of your Audio/Video, Lighting, HVAC, Motorized Shades, Swimming Pools, etc.  Many options are available that will give you complete control of these sub-systems using anything from handheld remotes, in-wall touchscreens, iPads and even iPhones without the nuisance of multiple apps.  This also allows for complete control and monitoring even when you are not at home.


Now that most TV’s are being used as monitors only, and requiring outboard cable boxes or satellite, along with surround sound processors, watching tv is no longer as easy as it was. Add to the equation that each component could be a different manufacture. This is where Media Designers and our supporting control systems rise above the rest with one single touch systems that always remembers the status of all equipment for you. Take all of the guesswork out of your system, and enjoy watching tv again.